Service Overview

Your satisfaction is our priority. We offer a host of services to ensure each project starts off correctly, stays on budget, finishes on time and is serviced timely after completion.

Budget and Consulting

You will find that we encourage and enjoy an open line of communication with all of our customers. This approach helps with many aspects of your project such as design and cost analysis.

Project Permitting and Coordination Process

We have a long standing relationship with a wide range of municipalities and utility contractors. This enables Phoenix Electric, Inc. to expedite permits and inspections quickly to keep your job on schedule and on budget.

Job Supervision and Schedule

Phoenix Electric has the skill and manpower to supervise of all aspects of your project. Our company has implemented a multi-tier management system to ensure that the quality of work and the job schedule is being upheld to our customer’s standard of excellence and our own.


Phoenix Electric, Inc. stands by our work. Regardless if a project is under construction or has been completed, we will respond day or night to Warranty Requests. Our prompt attention helps to ensure the safety of the tenants and safety is always a top priority for us.

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